Mr Gum 9 Book (Shrinkwrap Set)

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Biscuit Billionaire
Mr Gum is back in this second hilarious book and he's as nasty as ever! In fact, he's absolutely grimsters. But this book's not just about him.

The Cherry Tree
Good evening and welcome to a tale of forests! Of legendary beasts! Of misbehaving children! Of caterpillars called Graham!

The Dancing Bea
Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear Good evening. Do you like bears called Padlock? Course you do.

The Goblins
Well, that old roo-de-lally Mr Gum and the hideous Billy William the Third are once more mucking things up for everyone.

The Power Crystals
Mr Gum and the Power Crystals Can it really be true that there’s an ancient curse on the town of Lamonic Bibber?

Whats for Dinner
Mr Gum's back! But what's he up to this time? Oh, dreadful things my friends, dreadful things indeed.

The Secret Hideout
Something’s gone terribly wrong in Lamonic Bibber . . . and Mr Gum is nowhere to be found.

The Hound of Lamonic Bibber
In the dead of night, when all the stars are sleeping and the moon’s nipped off for a coffee, something dark and sinister stalks the streets of Lamonic Bibber.

You are a Bad Man
This book’s all about him. And an angry fairy who lives in his bathtub. And Jake the dog, and a little girl called Polly.

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