Mindworks Left Brain

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Mind works brain training: left-brain puzzles is an accessible, stimulating collection of brain-training exercises, designed by a team of experts specifically to train your left-brain mathematical, linguistic, and deductive abilities. Left-brain thinking skills are vital to our everyday lives, but with constantly improving technology, it's easier and more tempting than ever to allow these skills to weaken. Ever struggled to do shopping-trip math, to weigh up the pros and cons of a difficult decision, or come up with the right words on the spot? These are all instances of left-brain skills that can be sharpened by this book. This Two-in-One compendium contains everything you need to hone these essential skills. Each section includes over 125 puzzles that focuses on improving a particular set of left-brain cognitive abilities. Deductive puzzles will strengthen your lateral-thinking prowess, your deductive and intuitive Reasoning, and your problem-solving skills, numeric puzzles will sharpen your core logic and pattern-recognition abilities, your Arithmetic expertise, and your general Mathematic ability. This book includes * over 250 puzzles, * Solutions with comprehensive explanations * a graded difficulty-rating system.

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