Micromarketing: Get Big Results By Thinking And Acting Small

Praise for microMARKETING

"Greg presents the greatest hits of social media marketing, a litany of stories designed to persuade you tostop demanding the web conform to your desire for mass-and instead realize that mattering a lot to a fewpeople is worth far more than mattering just a little to everyone." -SETH GODIN, author of Linchpin

"Micromarketing is big marketing. Nowanybody can dominate a market. Especially you.So what are you waiting for?" -DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT, bestselling author ofThe New Rules of Marketing & PR

"Makes the case for the deathof mass marketing in acompelling way." - AL RIES, coauthor ofWar in the Boardroom"microMARKETING offers a hopeful vision for anyone who has ever had to create a greatmarketing plan without a million-dollar budget or an army of resources." -ROHIT BHARGAVA, author of Personality Not Included and senior vice presidentat Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

"Shows how big became passe andproves that in our overhyped society theteeniest push is the way in." -RICHARD LAERMER, author of 2011and CEO of RLM PR

"Follow Greg's seven shifts frommass to micro and you'll be amicromaven, capturing the attentionof your audience, before you know it." -DONNA M. TOCCI, Director,Web/New Media, Ingersoll Rand

"Filled with fresh strategies for engagingfragmented markets and frazzled customers." -JILL KONRATH, bestselling author ofSNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

"A must-read for anyone in marketingor technology." -DARREN HERMAN, Chief DigitalMedia Officer, kirshenbaum bondsenecal + partners

"Will help businesses move from a fading era ofmass marketing to embrace a meaningful genreof micro collaboration that builds macro markets." -BRIAN SOLIS, author of Engage andfounder of BrianSolis.com

About microMARKETING

Every day the world sees1 million new blog posts, tens of millionsof tweets, hundreds of millions of newpieces of Facebook content, and morethan 1 billion YouTube videos.

Where does your brand fit in?

In our age of information saturation, consumerattention is the scarcest commodityof all-which makes your job tougher than ever.How do you thread your messages throughbillions of bite-sized information snapshots toreach the right people? One thing's for sure,you're not going to succeed using traditionalapproaches. Mass marketing is dead; the nextbig thing is indeed very small.

microMARKETING empowers you to rethink,retool, and revitalize your marketing strategiesto take full advantage of the opportunities createdby the microcontent explosion. A pioneerin the world of microcontent marketing, GregVerdino helps you create a strategy thatemphasizes relationships over reach, interactionover interruption, and social networkingover broadcast networks.

You'll find theanswers to today's toughest questions:

  • How do I earn the attention of the rightinfluencers and my core customers?
  • How do I really build my brand one blogpost, one video clip, or even one tweetat a time?
  • How do I achieve massive scale whenmainstream media is losing ground toconsumer content creators and peer-to-peer distribution?
  • How do I strike a balance betweentapping into today's biggest marketingtrends without losing sight of the littlethings that matter?

When one door closes, another opens. Massmarketing is no longer a viable marketing strategyand, likely, never will be again. Micromarketing,though, enables you to resonate with consumersin compelling new ways and achievethe big results that no longer seem possiblewith traditional approaches.

It's time to start building your brand, findingnew customers, establishing relationships, andgetting real results on this exciting new frontier.microMARKETING will show you the way.

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