Marathons Of The World

Marathon runners, prospective runners, and followers of marathon races will value this photo-illustrated guide to 50 of the world's best marathons. Each marathon is given its own detailed description, which includes-- A rating for comparative difficulty An expert analysis of the course The time year when it takes place Specifics on when and how to enter Course-specific training tips Just a small sampling of the marathons described include-- In the U.S. and Canada: Boston, New York, Washington, Toronto, Niagara Falls In Australia and New Zealand: Auckland, Sydney, the Australian Outback In Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, the Great Wall of China In Europe: Rome, Hamburg, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Athens, Venice . . .as well as races in the Caribbean islands, Africa, South America, and even the Antarctic. Approximately 160 vivid photos show many of the events in their colorful settings.

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