Making Nice

In Matt Sumell's blazing first book, our hero Alby flails wildly against the world around him - he punches his sister (she deserved it), "unprotectos" broads (they deserved it and liked it), gets drunk and picks fights (all deserved), defends defenseless creatures both large and small, and spews insults at children, slow drivers, old ladies, and every single surviving member of his family. In each of these stories Alby distills the anguish, the terror, the humor, and the strange grace - or lack of - he experiences in the aftermath of his mother's death. Swirling at the center of Alby's rage is a grief so big, so profound, it might swallow him whole. As he drinks, screws, and jokes his way through his pain and heartache, Alby's anger, his kindness, and his capacity for good bubble up when he (and we) least expect it.

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ISBN 9781627790932
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fic20, Fiction, Highlight, Whateversary
Author(s) Sumell, Matt
Publisher Henry Holt & Company
Pages 228
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.7cm x 2.4cm x 21.8cm
Weight 0.32 kg
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