Love Walked In

When Martin Grace enters the hip Philadelphia coffee shop Cornelia Brown manages, her life changes forever. But little does she know that her newfound love is only the harbinger of greater changes to come. Meanwhile, across town, Clare Hobbs - eleven years old and abandoned by her erratic mother - goes looking for her lost father. She crosses paths with Cornelia while meeting with him at the café, and the two form an improbable friendship that carries them through the unpredictable currents of love and life. Invoking classic movies to illuminate the mystery and wonder of love in all its permutations, Love Walked In is an uplifting debut that marks the entrance of an enchanting literary voice.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780452287891
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fiction, Romance
Author(s) Plume Books
Publisher Los Santos Marisa De
Pages 307
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.5cm x 1.8cm x 20.4cm
Weight 0.268 kg