Little Book Of Lettering

Typography is always one of the designer's first considerations when it comes to making a statement, and in recent years the world of lettering and type has exploded in an unprecedented wave of creative discovery. Contemporary artists, typesetters, and designers of all kinds are exploring new horizons in illustrated and hand-drawn lettering, digitally rendered lettering, and 3D lettering. This collection--large in scope but petite in size--surveys the recent lettering renaissance, showcasing a diverse range of talent in gorgeous, eye-catching examples and profiling today's innovators. In a stunning little package that expertly combines a handmade feel with a modern aesthetic, this is the ultimate inspirational collection of contemporary lettering for design buffs and type enthusiasts alike.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781452112022
Categories Architecture and Design, BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Emily Gregory
Publisher Chronicle Books
Pages 192
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 17.5cm x 2.0cm x 18.8cm
Weight 0.535 kg