Light-Fingered Larry

Where the Winding River flows into the Big Wide Sea lies a bustling harbour . . . where creatures of all kinds - furry, feathery, slippery, scaly - live happily side by side. It's a busy place, a special place - and its name is BOTTLENOSE BAY Light-Fingered LARRY likes nothing better than sneaking about pinching other people's stuff. Slippery and sly, his eight tentacles grab things and stash the booty in his deep sea den. Nickity-nickity-nick-nick-gone! But when he steals Kiki Koala's stuff from the Jolly Tugboat Inn he's in for a bit of a surprise . . Will Larry mend his ways? Find out in this brilliant Bottlenose Bay story. From bestselling, award-winning author/illustrator Jan Fearnley, Bottlenose Bay is a hugely detailed world bound to captivate children, with hundreds of loveable characters to get to know, including our plucky hero, Harry the harbour mouse.

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ISBN 9781405265386
Categories BX, Children's Books, New Arrivals, Picture Books
Author(s) Jan Fearnley
Publisher Egmont UK Ltd
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