*Last Economic Superpower: Retreat Of Globalization, The End Of American Dominance, And What We Can Do About It

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The Risks and Rewards for the Westin the Coming Multipolar World"A marked shift has occurred in the tone and assumptions surrounding our national fortune. Nowhere is this better seen than in the second generation of books dealing with America's financial crisis, particularly Joseph P. Quinlan's The Last Economic Superpower."New York Journal of Books The global economy, designed by Westernpowers with the United States as lead architect,is in the process of reconfiguration. The2008 global financial crisis has terminatedAmerica's reign as sole economic superpowerand opened up important new spheres of influenceto developing nations.Does this signal the retreat of globalizationas we know it? Has an economic "coldwar" already begun? Will the West ever exertthe kind of control and influence it enjoyedjust a few short years ago?In The Last Economic Superpower, JosephP. Quinlan, a Wall Street veteran and experton global economic affairs, addresses thesequestions and many others. Presenting hisvision with refreshing clarity and objectivity,Quinlan examines:How America went from being a majorcreditor to the world's largest debtor nationin only two decadesFive critical issues America must face inorder to prevent permanent fragmentation ofthe global economyWhat the fading appeal of Europe andJapan means for the future of globalizationWhat China, India, and others havethat the West doesn't--and why thisgives them unprecedented leverageDecisions made now will shape the courseof history. The Last Economic Superpoweroutlines critical choices that must be made inorder to recast, reinvent, and reenergize a newstyle of globalization.The Last Economic Superpower lays barethe issues and challenges that will decidewhether the world builds a new, functionalsystem that serves all or fragments into separatespheres of influence, which benefits noone.

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