Konemann Art Deco

The Art Deco style, named after the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts, reached its peak in the 1920s. A new artistic language driven by a vital impulse born of recent peace, left its mark on urban and domestic architecture, but also on all forms of design: furniture, mural painting, glassware, ceramics, and more. This book offers a magnificently illustrated panorama of this ornamental aesthetic, which blend into the world's artistic landscape with materials as luxurious as lacquer, ivory, or stingray.

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ISBN 9783741918346
Categories Arts and Photography, BX, Hidden Gems, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Whateversary
Author(s) Bolz, Franziska
Publisher Koenemann.Com Gmbh
Pages -
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 26.9cm x 2.5cm x 31.0cm
Weight 1.84 kg