Jane Austen : A Celebration Of Her Life And Work

Jane Austen: A celebration' brings together aspects of Austen's life, work and lasting legacy to give a fresh and detailed insight into one of the world's most beloved writers. Coinciding with the 200-year anniversary of the first publication of Sense and Sensibility, this title is a must for anyone has ever enjoyed Jane Austen. The book includes sections in the places and people that inspired her, as well as a carefully chosen selection of her personal correspondence. It also looks at Austen's modern success, with an examination of her recent popularity in film and television.

In addition to being an authoritative and readable text, A Celebration of Jane Austen is filled with beautiful high colour images. It includes many of the elegant illustrations of Hugh Thomson and Charles E. Brock. Thomson rose to fame as the illustrator of Coaching Days and Coaching Ways in 1888 and Brock, a talented artist, was part of the revival of Austen's work towards the end of the Victorian period. Their delicately tinted illustrations capture the romance, classic styles and nuances of the Regency period. The illustrations and photographs on every page of A Celebration bring Austen's world vividly to life.

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