Hungry Family Cookbook

Authored by an award-winning chef and a nutrition specialist, this inspiring family cookbook features more than 100 delicious and wholesome recipes for every type of meal. The well-rounded collection of family-friendly fare will nourish--and appeal to--all ages. With easy, healthy meals for any weeknight, plus more elaborate dishes for family cooking on the weekend, parents will find nourishing inspiration in The Hungry Family Cookbook. This complete book also features a section on health benefits, including best choices for kids of all ages, with lots of helpful guidelines--like which fats to eat, the importance of protein, how to replace sugar in foods, and how to cook vegetables to retain maximum nutritional value. Rich with lifestyle imagery, this cookbook emphasizes the connection between healthy eating and happy living.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781681881133
Categories BX, BXOS, Christmas, Christmas Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Fathers' Day, Food and Drinks, Foodie Dad, Further Markdown, Highlight, July Deals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Skjelde Kjartan
Publisher Weldon Owen
Pages 320
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 19.6cm x 3.3cm x 24.5cm
Weight 1.32 kg