How I Lost You

Grace and Kya always do everything together, and nothing can get in the way of their friendship. They have a pact: Sisters Before Misters. Buds Before Studs. Only Grace knows what Kya's been through, or how much she needs someone to stick by her. No matter what. Besides, Kya keeps life exciting - pulling Grace into things she'd never dare to do on her own. But inch by inch, daring is starting to turn dangerous. And Grace will have to decide how far she can go to save her friendship with Kya . . . before she ends up losing everything else.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781402277948
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Janet Gurtler
Publisher Source Book Publications
Pages 309
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.3cm x 2.2cm x 20.4cm
Weight 0.37 kg