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Over the past two decades a growing demand for hotels with thei won individual character has sparked the interest of both architects and designers alike. Where luxury hotels once meant expensive materials, exaggerations, and formality, they are now signaled by customized comfort and individual personality. Ample spaces, sensual atmospheres, the latest technology, and above all, a stylish sense of character are showcase in these spaces by some of the world's most prestigious architects and designers. This new generation of hotels -fueled by exponential growth of the travel industry - is notable for its attention to individuals and to detail. Globalisation need not mean standardization. With more leisure time and more moeny available to spend on it, the more popular travel has become, and the more crucial vitality and variety have become in competing for the affections and pocketsbooks of today's travelers. The new designer hotels can afford to be more detailed and exotic in their varying motifs. This attention to personality coupled with an organic integration of the building with its history and surroundings, are the hallmarks of each project presented in this collection.

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