• Hitler Henchmen With Dvd And Book Set

Hitler Henchmen With Dvd And Book Set

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This fantastic gift set includes a DVD and book on Hitler and WW2. Hitler's Henchmen Little Book - Behind Adolf Hitler stood a hand-picked group of evil men who were sworn to aid the Fuhrer in his quest for world domination and the elimination of the Jews. From the strutting propaganda genius Joseph Goebbels to history's greatest mass murderer, Heinrich Himmler, each was sworn to uphold the monstrous policies of a Nazi machine that wrought terror wherever its malign influence spread. WW2 in Colour DVD - Nugus Martin Productions has accumulated the best collection of rare and unseen footage of World War II in the world allowing you to view this epic struggle as never seen before. Includes; The Gathering Storm, Lightning War and Britain at Bay. 1 DVD running approx 150min.

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