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  • Health & Wellbeing Pilates
  • Health & Wellbeing Pilates
  • Health & Wellbeing Pilates
  • Health & Wellbeing Pilates

Health & Wellbeing Pilates

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Pilates is both a physical and mental practice that allows you to keep your body strong and supple and your mind open and relaxed. It is far more than just stretching and contorting on a mat - though it can provide a workout just as challenging and beneficial as any gym session. Health & Wellbeing: Pilates is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in this great form of exercise. First, learn how Joseph Pilates created a whole system for maintaining peak physical condition and how his main principles synthesize with the modern approach; then discover the many benefits of taking up Pilates, from clarity of mind and improved core stability, to heightened flexibility, increased strength and toned muscles. Find out how to get started and learn about relevant anatomy to help you get the most out of the practice. Be guided through all the main exercises with clear step-by-step instructions, photos and handy tips. There is a section of exercises with props, such as the magic circle and small ball, as well as suggested routines that enable you to have an all-round daily practice and to target troublesome areas such as abs, arms, bums and thighs. Truly, Health & Wellbeing: Pilates will help you achieve a fundamental wellbeing of body and mind.

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