Healing With Touch: Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology And Reiki

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This is a concise guide to the therapeutic power of hands, shown in over 170 practical photographs. You can learn how to react positively to stress and illness with therapeutic self-massage techniques. You can use shiatsu and reflexology to strengthen your immune system and improve your sense of wellbeing. It clearly explains how to use the ancient therapy of reiki to channel beneficial energy throughout the body. It suggests effective treatments for backaches, headaches and muscle pain, as well as ways of improving circulation, relieving tension and improving sleep. Touch is a basic and natural human instinct, and this book shows just a few of the ways we can benefit from the therapeutic power of hands. It includes an introduction to four well-known therapies - reiki, reflexology, massage and shiatsu - and demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine. Simple sequences show you how to relieve many common aches and pains that are caused by our lifestyles, whether it is sitting awkwardly at your desk, spending too long on your feet, or feeling the effects of stress and worry in your body.Following the simple techniques in this book will soothe discomfort, lift your spirits and restore your energy.

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