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New Paperback Edition - The Granularity of Growth- Smart Choices to Grow Your Business in Good and Bad Times The Granularity of Growth sets out to show executives how they can uncover pockets of opportunity even in the most crowded markets. It argues that many widely held beliefs about growth - 'China is where the action is,' 'Pharmaceuticals is a high-growth industry' are oversimplified, unhelpful, and often downright misleading. In reality, so-called mature industries are likely to contain sectors that are growing rapidly, while so-called growth industries frequently harbor segments that are barely growing at all. So executives looking for meaningful growth opportunities should shun what the authors call the tyranny of the average view. Instead, they should adopt a much finer, more granular perspective on market segments, their needs, and the capabilities required to satisfy them. This new approach to growth requires executives to dig down more deeply within their businesses and organizations, something that many of them have been unwilling or unable to do in the past. The difficulty they face is finding a way to make strategic choices at a more granular level without losing sight of the big picture or drowning in a sea of complexity. The Granularity of Growth shows how to do just that. Using fact-based analysis, it presents powerful insights into sustaining profitable growth as well as practical suggestions derived from hands-on experience. It will be an invaluable resource for any executive or entrepreneur involved in company growth and performance, as well as a rich source of provocative ideas for business school teachers and students.

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