• Go, Jade, Go! - Level 2 (HB)

Go, Jade, Go! - Level 2

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Justin feels overshadowed when the Dungy family cheers for Jade at her track meet in this inspirational Ready-to-Ready story. Jade is running in a track meet, and the entire family goes to watch and cheer her on! Everyone is excited for Jade-except Justin. He wishes he was good at something that made everyone cheer for him. Older brother Jordan pulls him aside for a chat and explains that everyone is good at different things. He reminds Justin that he's a wonderful artist whose drawing are up all over their house! The next time the Dungys go to a track meet, Justin has a surprise. This time everyone cheers for Jade-and for Justin! This inspirational Level 2 Ready-to-Read features the Dungy children and highlights the importance of encouragement and support.

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