• Gladiator Boy: Rescue and Rebellion (Collection 2)

Gladiator Boy: Rescue And Rebellion (Collection 2)

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Captured and sold into slavery, Decimus Rex is trained to fight as a gladiator in the infamous Arena. Our young hero must take on the might of Rome in order to survive. The Rebels' Assault Decimus Rex has escaped Arena Primus in the company of a fellow slave, Olu Umbika. Together, they manage to board a slave ship and sail away from the trials and Slavious Doom. But can they rescue four friends they left behind? Rescue Mission Decimus Rex is once more back in the clutches of the evil Slavious Doom. Tasked with entering the catacombs beneath the arena to bring back the fabled Blade of Fire, Decimus immediately demands the release of all his friends in return for agreeing to take on the mission. Doom, however, has other plans ...The Blade of Fire Decimus Rex is fighting his way through the perilous maze beneath the arena to locate the blade of fire, a legendary sword that Doom is intent upon possessing. But before he can retrieve the sword, Decimus must first rescue his friends. Will he save them, or is his time about to run out?

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