• Gladiator Boy: Quest's End (Collection 5)

Gladiator Boy: Quest's End (Collection 5)

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Five old friends return home expecting peace, only to face their worst nightmare yet. Will Decimus Rex ever defeat the evil Slavious Doom? Vs The Screaming Void Over two hundred children have vanished. There are rumours that the cruel Mirror Master and his black-hearted sidekick, Captain Lich, have something to do with it ...But where are the children being taken and why? It seems Decimus and his friends have a new battle on their hands ...Vs The Clone Warriors Decimus and his friends must overcome the demons lurking within the Screaming Void. But even if they defeat these fearful monsters, can they survive a battle against the undefeated Clone Warriors? Vs The Ultimate Evil An old enemy has returned and will stop at nothing in his quest for power. But when he kidnaps Decimus' parents and captures his friends, Decimus is forced to go and face his only undefeated enemy yet.

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