The Second Empress

Following Madame Tussaud, Michelle Moran continues the story of France with a depiction of life in Napoleon's court. 1810. Palais des Tuileries, France. As a princess of the Holy Roman Empire, Marie-Louise Habsburg knows the importance of family loyalty. So when her father asks her to save his crown by marrying a foreign stranger twice her age she has no choice but to obey. But when she arrives in Paris, is becomes clear that Marie-Louise will have to fight for a place in her new husband's affections. Between a scorned first wife determined to hold on to her title and a fiendishly devious sister-in-law, will the young princess ever be able to win her rightful place at court? Meet Marie-Louise Bonaparte, youngest wife of Napoleon the Great and France's unwilling Second Empress.

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ISBN 9780857388629
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance
Author(s) Michelle Moran
Publisher Quercus Publishing
Pages 368
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.70cm x 2.20cm x 19.70cm
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