Filthy Appetites

by: David Young
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Thailand’s ravenous ghost returns for a feast you’ll never forget!

Mai is a krasue – a supernatural creature in the form of a young woman’s severed head with a trail of dangling entrails. For generations, she has been imprisoned on a farm in the Northeast. Now, a series of mishaps has set her loose upon Bangkok where she is on the run from a television ghost hunter hoping to turn her into a celebrity and an eccentric fortune teller bent on her destruction.

With spirits abandoning their haunts, family curses coming to light, and a mob of fans demanding selfies, Mai is faced with her greatest challenge of all: where to find her next meal.

A cross between H.P. Lovecraft and Ghostbusters, FILTHY APPETITES is an outrageous and action-packed romp across Thailand that will leave you laughing, horrified, and hungry for more.

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