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A bold and revolutionary thinker's legacy for how business can meet the greatest economic challenge in decades... It's no secret: everyone knows that the way most companies do things is screwed up. Surprisingly, though, herein lays the biggest opportunity for improving growth and profitability in a world in which consumers are tapped out and competition is coming from the devastating combination of low-wage countries with high skills. For more than a decade, following his landmark "Reengineering the Corporation, "Michael Hammer did "deep dives" into the processes of companies in every imaginable business--from oil refineries to software developers, factories, retailers, and hospitals--to understand the nuts and bolts of "how" they do their work, and then to advise them how to do it differently to become faster, cheaper, better. The results were the right product, at the right time, with the right price and quality--businesses that not only ate the competitions' lunch but their breakfast and dinner, too. The research and passion Dr. Hammer brought to this book have been ably carried on, following his tragic and unexpected death in 2008, by his colleague, Lisa Hershman, now the CEO of Hammer and Company. Looking at a company's operations not in terms of piecemeal fragments of work performed in a slew of isolated functional departments but as large-scale holistic work units transformed many companies, enabling them to meet the unique challenges of our time. The late DR. MICHAEL HAMMER wasthe coauthor of "Reengineering the Corporation" and the author of "The Agenda." LISA W. HERSHMAN is the CEO of Hammer and Company. *This book may have remainder mark.

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