Fallen, The (Hc)

The Enemy is among us . . . First the sickness rotted the adults' minds. Then their bodies. Now they stalk the streets of London, hunting human flesh. The Holloway crew are survivors. They've fought their way across the city and made it to the Natural History Museum alive--just barely. But their fight will never end while the Enemy lives, unless there's another way. . . . The kids at the museum are looking for a cure. All they need are medical supplies.To get them they must venture down unfamiliar streets, where it isn't only crazed, hungry sickos who lurk in the shadows. In this fifth terrifying entry in Charlie Higson's Enemy series, suddenly it's not so clear who--or what--the enemy is.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781423165668
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Charlie Higson
Publisher Disney Hyperion
Pages 544
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 15.0cm x 4.1cm x 21.7cm
Weight 0.79 kg