The Evidence For The Sixth Sense: Amazing Insights Into Life After Death * Reincarnation * The Science Of Enlightenment * Spiritual Emergency * Spontaneous Healing * Masters Of The Self * And How Miracles Are Made

When Hazel Courteney survived an incredible near-death experience, it triggered huge amounts of paranormal activity.In her bestselling book, Divine Intervention, Hazel shared the mind-blowing story of her spiritual emergency and awakening. Now in this spellbinding sequel, she embarks on a fascinating journey to discover why and how she gained and lost her spiritual powers. After witnessing several 'miracles' in India, Hazel travelled to Arizona to take part in landmark Afterlife Experiments, during which she received verification that consciousness survives physical death. Whether you are interested in life after death, gurus, spiritual emergency, healing, miracles, or psychic communication, this extraordinary book gives authoritative evidence for the sixth sense in a language that anyone can understand.

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ISBN 9781907563515
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Author(s) Hazel Courteney
Publisher Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd
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