Every Hidden Thing

Somewhere in the badlands, buried in millennia of rock and sand, lie the bones of a massive dinosaur - a Rex. Discovering it would be the greatest fossil find of the nineteenth century. Samuel Bolt needs to be the one to do it.Rachel Cartland wants the exact same thing, for herself.The Bolts. The Cartlands. Rival families of fossil hunters, alike in their hatred of one another and their dream of finding the Rex. And when their paths cross in this treacherous landscape, the competition between their fathers intensifies. But Rachel and Samuel also find themselves pushed closer together.What if they joined forces? Could they find a new life together among the ruins of a lost world? Or will old enmities keep them from both the Rex and each other?

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ISBN 9781481464178
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, Whateversary
Author(s) Oppel, Kenneth
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Pages 358
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.9cm x 2.4cm x 21.1cm
Weight 0.325 kg
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