• Enid Blyton: The Astonishing Ladder

Enid Blyton: The Astonishing Ladder

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Bong is such a good brownie, but his bad habit of borrowing is always annoying his friends in Peeping Village. When Bong borrows one too many things from his new neighbour, Snip-Snap the gnome decides to teach him a lesson and Bong finds himself in such a pickle that he'll never borrow again.Bong's adventure with the astonishing ladder is just one of many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales from Mr Meddle, Mr Twiddle, Mr Wumble, the seven crosspatches, Tippitty the fairy doll and many more will keep you engrossed in thrilling and fantastical worlds for hours on end.

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