Emma's Not-So-Sweet Dilemma

Emma is playing ball with her brothers on an unusually warm winter afternoon. But an errant toss from her brother Matt hits her right on the nose! Luckily, it's nothing more serious than a little swelling, but it's enough to make her lose an important modeling job at The Special Day salon. Mona hires "mean girl" Olivia Allen to fill in. Olivia is thrilled, not only for the job, but also for a chance to spread some nasty rumors about Emma. Worst of all, now Emma can't afford the beautiful holiday gifts she planned to buy her family and friends. Emma's Cupcake Club pals remind her that the best gifts come from the heart, and don't have a price tag.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781481418676
Categories BX, Children's Books, Reading Books
Author(s) Simon, Coco
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 126
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.0cm x 1.4cm x 19.6cm
Weight 0.125 kg