Dream Cars Of The 21St Century

It seduces both men and women indifferently, especially when it is powerful and luxurious. Even more so when it is unique. Or nearly so. The specimen of the high-end luxury car is not only the utmost interpretation on the theme of the automobile, but it is also the inspiring Muse for the creativity and skills of design-ers and engineers, as well as the dream of all enthusiasts. There never passes a year, nor even a month, without new award-winning supercar coming out. And it matters little whether it is a One-Off, a specimen Just for the Few, or For Many but not for All, or an Instant Classic. Or yet, it could be the interpretation of con-cepts destined to exalt its performance—like the lightness of a Featherweight— or to generate(today), with their concept outfitting, automobiles that Will be Famous. The images and texts in this volume recount the stories of the most important supercars of the last decade. A roundup entrusting the automobile with what is, perhaps, the best of all roles: that of arousing emotions.

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ISBN 9788854415768
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Author(s) Ron Kimball
Publisher White Star
Pages 208
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