Delightful Desserts: The Secrets To Achieving Incredible Flavor In Your Sweet Treats

Go beyond the same old with exceptionally bold, mind-blowingly delicious desserts from Jane Soudah, pastry chef and winner of Food Network's Spring Baking Championship. By using various ingredients like juices, zests, citric acid, aromatic bitters, salts, alcohol and extracts in your favorite recipes, you'll create amazing new flavors.Jane is your guide to using surprising ingredients to balance and highlight fresh flavors like root, herbal and floral notes. The 60 incredibly delicious recipes include Yuzu-Lime Pie, Orange Bitters-Olive Oil Cake with Aperol Glaze, Blackberry-Rose Geranium Pound Cake and Chinese Five Spice "Nickerdoodles." Impress your family and friends with Delightful Desserts!

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ISBN 9781624144233
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Author(s) Soudah, Jane
Publisher Page Street Publishing Co.
Pages 159
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