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Dandylion is the new boy in Miss Gardener's class, and he's the most unusual student the children have ever seen. For one thing, he isn't really a boy at all, but a very cheerful and fun-loving bright yellow lion. For another thing, he's rather scruffy, and he has a way of getting into all kinds of mischief. Soon, Dandylion's antics cause general disruption, and the children finally must tell him that he gets them into too much trouble. Dandylion goes home feeling sad, and not knowing what to do. At home, he receives a friendly cuddle and a word of advice from his wise old Grandpa-Clock. Children will love this charming story, and they'll be delighted by the bright yellow splashes of color in the illustrations that appear on every charming page. Those bright splashes of color are, of course, pictures of Dandylion.

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