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Cupcakes have become an art form?a delightfully delicious, edible art form! And now, for all the home cooks who've wanted to bake cupcakes as beautiful as those they've found in the fanciest bakeries, there's Cupcakes. With 39 fun, easy-to-follow recipes in this book, it's easy to become a cupcake master and create truly tantalizing desserts. Tired of the typical flavors? Try the mandarin and chamomile cupcakes for a fresh fix. Want a cupcake that almost looks too good to eat? Go with the beautiful beehive. There's also the milk chocolate buttons if you're craving a classic, and the baklava cupcakes for an unexpected twist. Cupcakes also includes more new takes on old favorites, such as individual blueberry cheesecakes and hazelnut cream sponge cakes, and unique creations such as jam doughnut cupcakes with a surprise in the center. Perfect for a leisurely morning with a cup of coffee or a fantastic finale to a birthday bash, the cupcakes created using these recipes will be so delicious you won't be able to eat just one?and you won't have to!

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