Comic Book Tattoo

Over 80 of the best creators from every style and genre have contributed over 50 stories to this anthology featuring tales inspired by the songs of multi-platinum recording artist, Tori Amos! Featuring an introduction by Neil Gaiman, with stories by creators such as Carla Speed McNeil, Mark Buckingham, C.B. Cebulski, Nikki Cook, Hope Larson, John Ney Reiber, Ryan Kelly, and many, many others, Comic Book Tattoo encapsulates the breadth, depth, and beauty of modern comics in this coffee table format book.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781582409658
Categories BX, BXOS, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics
Author(s) Antony Johnston
Publisher Image Comics
Pages 480
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 30.5cm x 3.0cm x 30.5cm
Weight 0.327 kg