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This title features a foreword by Larry King. Beneath the surface - undiagnosed, untreated and often unspoken - there is a pervasive cloud of unease affecting virtually everyone. According to Drs. George Pratt and Peter Lambrou this fog of distress is the result of events in our past that have left psychological impressions. They're the reason so many people feel unloved, guilty, ashamed, fearful, and unsafe. It's the basis of addictions, sleeplessness, bad habits, conflict and unsatisfying relationships. It is why so many can't seem to be able get out of their own way. These impressions are so deeply embedded in our psyche that often times we're not consciously aware of them. The revolutionary four step solution helps readers identify the negative blocking beliefs, and defuse them in a matter of minutes. The four-step process forms the heart of "Code to Joy". Identify: Identify the underlying negative beliefs at the root of our distress, and locate the events in our past that may have triggered them. Clear: Rebalance the body's energy system to prepare it for the reorganization to follow-a sort of clearing the decks in anticipation for repatterning. Repattern: Release those long-standing blocking beliefs and encode a new set of positive beliefs in their place. Anchor: Create a stable foundation so that the effects of the first three steps will be deeply felt and long-lasting. Through this proven approach, "Code to Joy" helps eliminate the fears, anxieties, and buried emotional debris that prevent us from living life to the fullest and more importantly helps us rediscover our innate happiness.

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