Clean Break

Em adores her funny, glamorous dad - who cares if he's not her real father? He's wonderful to her, and to her little brother Maxie and sister Vita. True to form at Christmas, Dad gives them fantastic presents, including a real emerald ring for his little Princess Em.

Unfortunately he's got another surprise in store - he's leaving them. Will Dad's well-meaning but chaotic attempts to keep seeing Em and the other children help the family come to terms with this new crisis? Or would they be better off with a clean break - just like Em's arm?

Product Overview
ISBN 9780440868507
Categories BX, Children's Books, Reading Books
Author(s) Corgi Books
Publisher Jacqueline Wilson
Pages 302
Format Paperback
Dimensions 18.8cm x 13.0cm x 2.4cm
Weight 0.26 kg