Chocolate: Rich And Luscious Recipes For Cakes Cookies Desserts And Treats

Caution to the weak-willed: This book is about rich, shameless indulgence - and for anyone who believes chocolate is its own food group. Chocolate! celebrates the oozing, sweet-toothed versatility of this beloved ingredient in all its pleasurable forms, from the lightest, creamiest white to the darkest, most intense, unsweetened variety. Step-by-step instructions and vibrant photographs guide you from your cravings to pure bliss. Whether you're baking cakes or pies, making puddings, sauces, and frostings; piping decorations, or flavoring drinks, you'll find more than 80 mouthwatering recipes to inspire and delight.

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ISBN 9781561486199
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Author(s) Hawkins, Kathryn
Publisher Good Books
Pages 176
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