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No matter how it s prepared in a Chocolate Lava Cake or a bite-sized Orange Liqueur Praline nothing says decadence like chocolate. For anyone who can t get enough of this most delicious of all ingredients and that s EVERYONE, of course this cookbook is absolute heaven! With more than eighty recipes for chocolate truffles and ganache, candies and cookies, sheets and other treats, you can open up a whole new world of deliciousness. Create chocolate bars with mint, nougat, caramel, or rum raisin and hazelnut. Put a chocolate pencil inside a kid s lunch bag as a surprise. Celebrate with a Champagne or Dark Rum Truffle; it s the perfect sweet for any special occasion. Make the holidays merry and bright with a Christmas log. Delight guests with something unusual and awe-inspiring like a Palet d or, a creamy disc covered in shiny gold leaf. To round out the dessert menu, there are also ice creams and popsicles, eclairs, souffles, tarts, brownies, biscuits, macaroon hearts (for Valentine s Day), and much more. And to help anyone, even beginners, handle all the necessary techniques, master baker Elie Tarrab gives easy-to-follow instructions on melting and tempering, crystallization, dipping and enrobing, molding, and creating a hollow figurine. With stunning pictures to teach and tempt you, you ll soon be in chocolate ecstasy!

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