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"Cass" - The Movie

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The most eagerly awaited British film of the year is a story of one formidable individual, and of modern Britain in the making. Cass Pennant was an orphaned Jamaican baby, brought up by an elderly English couple in an all-white south London suburb. In the intolerant days before multiculturalism, the young Cass was subject to the racist bullying of the times. In this illustrated screenplay of what promises to become a cult Brit flick, we follow the young man s search for his identity among the hooligan tribes of east London, and witness how he finds self-expression in violence. The words and pictures of CASS take us through the rough-and-ready badlands of 1970s/80s London, from street to terrace to nightclub. As the young Pennant finds status as a street legend, his reputation as a fearless fighter and peerless security man brings him into conflict with an emerging weapons culture. Foreshadowing our violent times, he narrowly survives a shooting at point-blank range. Then comes the ultimate test: revenge seems a foregone conclusion, but should a now married man with small children begin a cycle of retaliatory bloodshed? . . . This is a story of its times. This is a legend of the streets. This is CASS.

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