As the most powerful men on earth gather in New York for a meeting of the UN, Detective Michael Bennett receives intelligence warning that there will be an assassination attempt on the US president. Even more shocking, the intelligence suggests that the Russian government could be behind the plot.

Tensions between America and Russia are the highest they've been since the Cold War, but this would be an escalation no one could have expected.

The details are shadowy, and Bennett finds false leads and unreliable sources at every turn. But he can't afford to get this wrong. If the plotters succeed, the shockwaves will be felt across the globe.

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ISBN 9781780892733
Categories BX, Crime, extraordinary, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller, New Arrivals
Author(s) James Patterson
Publisher CENTURY
Pages 368
Format Paperback
Dimensions 15.3cm x 2.6cm x 23.4cm
Weight 0.48 kg