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Nothing beats the deliciously warm aroma and taste of freshly baked bread, and more and more people are rediscovering this pleasure as they start to bake from scratch at home. All you need is an expert book with fail-safe tips to get you through your first experiments with yeast and 'turning' the dough, and Nick Malgieri's Bread provides you with just that. Working from the essential first building blocks of ingredients, equipment and techniques, and taking you right through to the accomplished heights of slow-rise, two-step, sourdough and pumpernickel (the varieties are endless), steadily equipping you with skills along the way, this is a masterclass from a master baker. With additional recipes that showcase your beautiful bread, like Sicilian Pasta with Breadcrumbs, Calzone, Empanadas and a Total Heaven Chocolate Almond Cake, this is the bread bible to turn to again and again.

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