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At some point, we've all been forced to endure meetings centered on the usually frustrating and rarely productive strategy for generating ideas known as brainstorming.Hamstrung by undisciplined thinking, these sessions often suffer from directionless stream-of-consciousness chatter, unclear action steps, and the inevitable devil's advocates who bring creativity to a halt. At the end, no innovation solutions have emerged, people are frustrated and cynical, and business begins to suffer. There must be a better way. In "Brainsteering", former McKinsey consultants Kevin P. Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne leverage more than a decade of in-depth research and practical application to describe a powerful new approach to creating more-and better-ideas called Brainsteering. "Brainsteering" shows that if you ask the right question, the right answers - and a whole host of good ideas - soon follow. Importantly, it also shows that the right process for consistently generating good ideas looks very different than what you've probably been taught. Written by and peppered with thought-provoking (and often-hilarious) real world examples from both the workplace and popular culture, "Brainsteering" is a comprehensive how-to manual that will entertain readers while helping them create innovative ideas they could ever have imagined in the past.

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