Brainpower Game Plan

Everyone experiences them from time to time - the memory blips, the mental fog, the delayed reactions that are readily construed as signs of cognitive decline. It's taken for granted that with advancing age comes a downward slide in mental function. Yet no one wants to feel they're not as sharp as they used to be, any more than they want to look in the mirror and see wrinkles or extra weight. Fortunately, as "Brainpower Game Plan" reveals, age related cognitive changes are far from inevitable. In fact, it's possible not only to return to one's cognitive prime but to achieve greater mental agility than ever before. Cutting edge research confirms that a combination of brain boosting foods, heart pumping physical activity, and fun but functional brain training techniques - the cornerstone of "Brainpower Game Plan" - can produce measurable improvements in cognitive function. Indeed, those who've followed this programme have seen up to 77 per cent improvement in memory, focus, reasoning skills, and other aspects of mental performance as measured by the exclusive Brain Q quiz.

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ISBN 9781605299006
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Author(s) Cynthia R. Green
Publisher Rodale Press
Pages 272
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