• Black Knight (Witch World Vol. 2)

Black Knight (Witch World Vol. 2)

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Jessica Ralle thought the worst was over. The mindblowing revelations that she's a witch. The terrifying danger of evil witches. The heartbreaking loss of loved ones in the battle against these wicked creatures. Turns out, discovering the existence of a parallel world to our own - Witch World - and learning that she has amazing abilites and powerful enemies was just the beginning. Jessie's stunned to wake up stranded on a foreign island with strangers who are pitted against one another with their very lives at stake. But are they really strangers? Jessie has her doubts. Because night after night she's been dreaming of Marc Simona, one of her fellow competitors - actually seeing through his eyes. And as much as Jessie loves her boyfriend, Jimmy, she feels a magnetic pull towards Marc. The smoldering tension between Jessie and Marc finally explodes when she realizes that she's not the only witch on the island. That in order to escape the island alive, she's either got to sacrifice Marc or transfer her incredible powers to him and leave herself helpless - and at the whim of the evil witches.

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