Fast From- Scratch Meals (Betty Crocker)

150 delicious recipes for creating nourishing, fresh food in a flash Home cooks no longer have to choose between speedy meal prep and wholesomeness. This collection of 150 delicious recipes integrates fresh, nourishing ingredients into dinners that are on the table in 30 minutes or less. With tasty main dishes like Provencal Fish Soup or Coconut Curry Chicken, and kid-pleasing desserts like Strawberry Blossoms and Fresh Berry Cobbler, eating healthfully has never been so delicious--or quick. Special features provide mini-recipes for a specific type of produce, and icons call out Meatless entrees and start-to-finish time. A special pantry guide helps home cooks stock their larders with foods that make meal planning and prep a cinch. In addition, a guide to farmers' markets will ease readers into eating locally and enjoying more produce.

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ISBN 9780544714458
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