Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Science Friction

Ben Tennyson is invading bookshelves everywhere with new, ultra cool alien technology!
Cooper drags Ben, Gwen, and Kevin Kevin to the annual Sci-Fi convention, a big attraction for comic book geeks everywhere. No one, except Cooper, is that excited about it until a movie prop turns out to be real alien tech and spews out an army of mini-aliens! Ben has to change forms rapidly to try to stop the little aliens while Kevin and Cooper work to trun the machine off. They manage to save the convention and the crowd just thinks the whole thing was a movie promotion!

Product Overview
ISBN 9780545177191
Categories Children's Books, Newest Arrivals, Reading Books
Author(s) Scholastic
Publisher Tracey West
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.2cm x 0.4cm x 22.4cm
Weight 0.064 kg