Believing The Lie: A Lynley Novel

Is it an accident? Or murder? Inspector Thomas Lynley is mystified when he's sent undercover to investigate the death of Ian Cresswell at the request of the man's uncle, wealthy and influential Bernard Fairclough. The death has been ruled an accidental drowning, and nothing on the surface indicates otherwise. But when Lynley enlists the help of his friends Simon and Deborah St. James, the trio's digging soon reveals that the Fairclough clan is awash in secrets, lies, and motives. As the investigation escalates, the Fairclough family's veneer cracks, with deception and self-delusion threatening to destroy everyone from the Fairclough patriarch to the troubled son Ian left behind.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780451465498
Categories BX, Crime, extraordinary, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
Author(s) Penguin Group
Publisher Elizabeth George
Pages 622
Format Paperback
Dimensions 10.7cm x 3.6cm x 17.5cm
Weight 0.286 kg