Bad Choices : How Algorithms Can Help You Think Smarter And Live Happier

Readers around the world have embraced Ali Almossawi's whimsical illustrations and his funny, clarifying explanations of complex subjects. In Bad Choices, Almossawi demystifies a new topic of increasing relevance to our lives: algorithms. This is a book for anyone who's looked at a given task and wondered if there was a better, faster way to get it done. What's the best way to organize a grocery list? What's the secret to being more productive at work? How can we better express ourselves in 140 characters? Presenting us with alternative methods for tackling each scenario, Almossawi guides us to better choices that borrow from same systems that underline a computer word processor, a Google search engine, or a Facebook ad. Once you recognise what makes a method faster and more efficient, you'll become a more nimble, creative problem-solver, ready to face new challenges.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781473650770
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Ali Almossawi
Publisher John Murray Press
Pages 160.00
Format Paperback
Dimensions 15.60cm x 1.30cm x 23.70cm
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