• At The Firefly Gate
  • At The Firefly Gate

At The Firefly Gate

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Henry has never been confident. When he and his parents leave London for a Suffolk village, he doubts that he'll ever make friends, especially with grouchy Grace from two doors down. But the first real friend he makes is an unlikely one: Dottie, Grace's aunt. As soon as he hears her laugh, Henry feels he must have known Dottie all his life - and she seems to recognize him, too. Puzzle after puzzle absorbs Henry's thoughts - especially when he sees a shadowy figure waiting at the orchard gate. Who is he waiting for? Why do so many planes fly over by night, and why does Henry seem to be the only person who hears? How can a promise, broken years ago, ever be kept? What's the message the Scrabble board seems to be spelling out - and what must Henry do when he finds an answer?

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