Aquarium Fish Handbook

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Aquarium hobbyists looking to add variety to their tanks will find color photos and concise textual profiles of more than 400 species of freshwater and marine fish. This book's easy-reference format points out key characteristics of each breed and gives information on its origins, physiology, and maintenance requirements. Each entry includes an at-a-glance guide that notes feeding habits and compatibility with other fish. The color photos are detailed to show markings and other distinguishing features. Major freshwater groups include cichlids, characins, labyrinth fishes, catfishes, loaches, cyprinids, and others. Among the marine varieties are angelfishes, damselfishes, blennies, pufferfish, eels, groupers, and Atlantic seahorses. Here's a reference volume that merits a place on every aquarium hobbyist's bookshelf.

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